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On Saturday, 22 September 2018, the grounds surrounding TKK Riawalen in Riawalen Village of Ileboleng Sub-District were filled with people. Local women were wearing traditional sarongs wrapped around their waists. Some 300 people gathered, including traditional elders, religious leaders, local youths, educators, local women, local government officials and members of the wider public. They came from different regions and villages to rejoice and celebrate with 25 local artisans who participated in the weaving exhibition held at the Textile Museum in Jakarta in November-December 2017, which showcased Adonara woven fabrics to introduce them to the international market. It was a series of events that started with visits to tourist destinations and later followed by a public dialogue with the East Flores Deputy District Head. The Deputy District Head spoke on the need to increase budget allocation for empowerment from the village funds, as well as for weavers’ groups. PEKKA is expected to gather information and identify weavers’ needs. Weaving equipment and materials will be discussed further with the Local Tourism and Industry Office. The public dialogue was followed by an arts and cultural performance, including the Sole Oha traditional dance, and a weaving demonstration.   


Contributor: Apriani Ese Dini 

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