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The Pekka Union in Tangerang District held a discussion in Kosambi Dalam Village, Mekar Baru Sub-District, Tangerang District of Banten Province on 4 September 2018. The village-level discussion was attended by 36 people consisting of neighborhood heads, village officials, Pekka members and representatives from the wider public. The event was officially opened by the head of the Tangerang Pekka Union, Masnah, who took the opportunity to explain about activities conducted by the Pekka community in Tangerang. 


  1. Nabhani,Kosambi Dalam’s Village Secretary, spoke on how hard it was for the local people to arrange for their identity documents and to access many social protection programs that are inaccurately targeted. A similar concern was conveyed by several neighborhood heads, especially on the difficulty in filling out the birth certificate application form. The Village Secretary, neighborhood heads and local community figures attending the discussion asked for Pekka Union’s help to liaise between the local villagers and the relevant local government offices to ensure access to formal documentation and social protection programs. Pekka Union agreed to lend a hand, not only because it is the organization’s purpose to provide assistance to the people in any way possible, but also the fact that the local civil registry office has itself approached Pekka Union to help local residents obtain their documents, especially their birth or death certificates.   


Towards the end of event, Pekka Union requested time to discuss the implementation of KLIK PEKKA. It was agreed that KLIK PEKKA will be held on Thursday, 6 September 2018. The village will provide the venue and make the necessary announcement one day before the event, on Wednesday, 5 September 2018. Speaking after the discussion, Mr. Bakar, one of the neighborhood heads, stated that the village discussion has been extremely beneficial for the community as it provided the opportunity to discuss current issues facing the local people with village officials, and also allowed them to gain information on government programs.  


Contributor: Maria El-Ma’mun 

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