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Stories Form The Field

Turning Backyards into a Source of Livelihood

The Kasih Ibu Group of Rawang Besar Village in SP Padang Sub-District held its routine meeting on 25 August 2018. On that particular day, group administrators were undecided on what the meeting agenda should be. A Pekka group member, Siti Aisah, unexpectedly arrived at the meeting, bringing along cucumbers for sale. She said that she had grown the cucumbers herself.   


Several months earlier, the group discussed on ways to make the most of their backyards. Siti Aisah and her mother who is also a group member have already used their yards for productive purposes. Siti Aisah initially had the idea to make use of the patch of idle land near her house to grow cucumbers. She also planted chilies. After several months, her hard work bore fruit. She has harvested the land several times, each yielding over 10 kilograms of produce. Her initial intention of self-consumption had turned into an enterprise when she decided to sell the surplus harvest for additional income to help her mother. The cucumbers are sold IDR 6,000 per kilogram. Siti and her mother’s story is a source of inspiration for other members to follow suit and make the most of their unused backyards, at least to grow enough for their own consumption.  

Contributor: Ratmi/Cadre from South Sumatra  

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