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Pekka Union member Sumiati who is also a BPD member was invited to the village family planning meeting for Ketangge Hamlet, Sukarara Village in Jonggat Sub-District, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) on 24 September 2018. Also attended by PLKB, the meeting is part of a citizens’ dialogue on child marriage prevention and the necessary village regulations. Child marriage prevention is one of PEKKA’s advocacy agendas. The idea of holding a citizens’ dialogue came about when Sumiati requested for materials from PLKB to build public awareness on raising the age of first marriage. It was then followed by further talks and eventually a preparatory meeting was held. The agenda was considered to be in line with the West Lombok district government and NTB governor’s program.    


The PLKB team suggested that the dialogue be held at Sukarara as the village is known for its many cases of child marriage. However, before the discussion was held, the necessary preparations were made, such as making sure that the required data is available, as well as contacting and approaching religious leaders, community figures, marriage officiants and BPD. The citizens’ dialogue is expected to be held on a regular basis early every month.  

It is also hoped that PEKKA can facilitate more village forums through citizens’ dialogues to end child marriage in West Lombok towards more effective human resource development.  


Contributor: Minarti Lydia 

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