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Baubau. A local consultation forum aimed at contributing towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 through a gender-responsive, inclusive and transformative medium-term development plan was organized jointly between Pekka Union and the Baubau municipal government. It was held on 29 – 30 July 2018 at the BAPPEDA meeting hall at Jalan Palagimata, Baubau City. On the first day, 50 participants from various women’s organizations such as Pekka Union, PKK, Fathayat, Perempuan Hebat, KPI, APPAK, ASIA and LPDI attended the meeting, in addition to representatives from DFAT and MAMPU, to identify the challenges in achieving the SDGs and to discuss recommendations for SDG implementation in the local medium-term development plan. Nani Zulminarni, Director of PEKKA Foundation, had earlier explained about the 17 SDG targets to start off the discussion.   


On the second day, several local government agencies joined the consultation process. Apart from Ester Fitrinika Herawati Wahyuningsih, Bappenas Sub-Directorate Head on Social Aid, and Nani Zulminarni, also present was Abdul Rahim, Head of Baubau’s Bappeda as resource person who also officially opened the event. In his address, Abdul Rahim said, “The Baubau municipal government takes pride in being one of the cities chosen for SDG-related activities. I express my utmost appreciation to the Pekka Union of Baubau City for their active role in empowering the community.” Meanwhile, Ester highlighted on the SDG targets and the pillars of development. She stated that SDGs can only be achieved if the government works in concert with non-state actors in alleviating the poverty situation. Nani on the other hand said, “The sustainable development goals refer to a global agreement for ending poverty by 2030. As citizens of the world, Indonesia has also adopted the agenda and thereby has the commitment to work optimally towards achieving the goals.” Nani added that based on BPS data, Baubau City is among the regions in Indonesia that has managed to bring down its poverty rate from 12.06 percent in 2010 to 8.19 percent in 2017, and therefore lies below the national poverty line.  This situation however needs to be studied further, especially relating to various forms of disparities, particularly gender inequality.   


The last day of the public seminar was attended by 150 people from local government agencies, civil society organizations, the press, universities, urban ward offices, Pekka Union, MAMPU team and the Australian Embassy (DFAT). Dr. H. Hado Hasina, ad interim Baubau Mayor delivered his welcoming address and officially opened the seminar. The event concluded with the signing of a MoU on the recommended 17-point development agenda for the Baubau municipal government. SDG-related activities are well-received by local government agencies and civil society organizations.  


Contributor: Hasna 

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