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Kotamobagu. On Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 436 participants attended the KLIK PEKKA event held at Poyowa Kecil Village, South Kotamobagu Sub-District in Kotamobagu District. The KLIK PEKKA-Social Protection event provided the local people with the opportunity to consult and obtain information on social protection. Representatives from the local civil registry office, local women’s empowerment and child protection office, local social affairs office, BPJS, TKSK and PKH facilitators were present as resource persons. The event was officiated by Rafika Bora, Head of the Local Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Office, who congratulated Pekka Union for successfully organizing the KLIK PEKKA event on social protection.   


Cases consulted at the event consisted of the following: 75 cases on possession of BPJS PBI cards, 33 cases on BPJS Mandiri, 126 cases on PKH cards, 1 case on marriage certificate, 13 birth certificate cases, 2 death certificate cases, 1 divorce case, 1 identity card case, 4 cases on the rastra rice subsidy program, 23 family card cases, and 68 cases on KKS. Two senior citizens – Norma Korompot (71) and Monoapa Bangki (74) – who were also at the event said that they have never received any form of government aid. All of these cases were responded directly by the relevant public bodies present at the event. According to the Division Head of the Local Social Affairs Office, the considerable amount of cases consulted during the KLIK PEKKA event reflect that a significant proportion of the population are poor. They hope for a more effective verification and validation process to ensure more accurately targeted programs. PEKKA went on to collaborate with the village government to hold a village-level discussion on addressing problems facing local residents. 


Contributor: Maria El-Ma’mun 


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